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Website:list of claims
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one. check the claims list before posting your claims. if your claim has been taken, please pick another.
two. tag your post with *add so that the mod knows that your claim still needs to be added to the list. once your claim has been added you will receive a comment saying so and the *add tag will be replaced with *claimed by a moderator.
three. only movies are allowed to be claimed in this community, not specific actors or actresses.
four. each person may claim up to five different movies.
five. if you wish to claim a movie that is part of a series (such as lord of the rings, star wars, etc) please only claim one movie out of the set instead of the entire series.
six. no community promotions of any kind please.
seven. once your claim is approved, please post your claim somewhere in your profile and link back to this community.
eight. to prove you've read the rules, please write "let's put a smile on that face" in the subject line of your claim post.
seven. example claim post

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